To be a lead pioneer in research, and education in science and technology, and to nurture highly qualified scientists and engineers for Kenya’s industrialization and modernization.



To nurture highly qualified scientists and engineers by equipping them with theoretical and practical knowledge; conduct socially relevant research and development to improve national competitiveness and speed up industrialization; create social and economic values to improve Kenyans’ quality of life.




Technology for National Transformation (Teknologia kwa Mabadiliko ya kitaifa)



To apply theoretical and scientific knowledge to rapidly transform the Kenya productive sector and improve quality of life of Kenyans.



The Vision and Mission will be operationalized through three strategic objectives:

  • To prepare scientist and engineers who are highly skilled with theoretical and practical knowledge in order to foster future industries in Kenya and East Africa;
  • To conduct national level research for development and improve Kenya’s competitiveness and accelerate industrial growth; and
  • To create and foster social and economic values and improve the quality of life of Kenyans through education, research and development.


  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Sustainability